Last Day Jakarta

July 23, 2010

Pas lagi makan, gak kepikiran kalau nantinya makanannya bakal habis.

Pas lagi jadi PO, gak pernah kepikiran kalau nantinya bakal demisioner.

Pas masih kecil, gak pernah kepikiran kalau hari ini akhirnya akan datang.

But it’s here, in front of my pesek nose.

I’m leaving my house.

Not just house, a home.

Well, what can we say? Time goes like flash. All we can catch is a glimpse.

This is the leap of faith.

This is a ‘good night’.

This is another ‘good morning’.

Leave to live my life.

Wish me luck!

(walaupun gue bukan perokok)