June 28, 2011

I don’t know if anyone still blog, or even read blogs these days. I do realize that WordPress and Blogspot is no longer a hip, and I do realize that now people Tumbld (past tense for Tumblr, I made that up) if they have something to say above twitter’s 140 characters restriction. I did Tumble (another one I made up), not working though.

Gue lebih suka ngepost teks dibanding gambar-gambar (yang padahal di gambar itu isinya teks juga). Dan dengan fitur Reblog, rasanya ngepost tuh kayak gak ada effortnya, sama aja kayak ngeretweet di twitter. Sebenernya itu yg mau kita omongin, but someone else’s put it in better words, or maybe we’re just lazy.

It’s just not for me.

And so I went back to my old friend, this very blog. So damn old and dusty, yet so damn nostalgic. Every unimportant, random, and jaman-jamannya-galau posts, they took me on a time-travel journey, from back then until back here.

Gak tau juga sih bakal bisa keurus sepenuhnya lagi atau enggak. Ngeblog itu bukan kayak penulis yang punya semacam kontrak buat bikin buku atau ngisi kolom secara reguler. Karena suka-suka, jadinya kayak gak punya beban buat ngupdate, apalagi kalo gak ada yang komen. *curhat*

But I promised myself one thing, and one thing only:

I’ll blog when my heart calls me to.

Happy reading!


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